Hair Extension Care And Maintenance



The following guidelines MUST be observed in order to ensure the integrity of both your hair and the extensions.

1. DO NOT EVER USE DANDRUFF SHAMPOO!!! This contains sulfur which will break down the extension bonds. We strongly recommend sulfate-free shampoo. To prevent knotting, you should not wash your hair face-down.

2. Do not apply conditioner directly on the scalp. This may soften the bonds and shorten the life of your extensions. Use Anti-Tap as your final rinse. To mix, add 1 line of anti tap to 8 oz. of water in a spray
bottle. This seals the cuticle, helps the bonds last longer, and neutralizes chemicals in your tap water.

3. Consistently blowdrying at the root will help extend the life of the bonds. Flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers may be used, but DIRECT HEAT MUST BE KEPT AWAY FROM THE BONDS.

4. You must brush your hair with the provided extension brush 2-3 daily!!!    Failure to brush your hair can result in hair breakage!!!!         Do not brush the hair when it is wringing wet. When your hair is 80% dry, you will brush your hair in sections,working up from the nape. Using clips makes this easier. We will provide you with a brush; a boar bristle brush may also be used.
You may also separate knots daily by gently working them apart with your hands. Before you go to bed, we recommend putting your hair back loosely in a braid or scrunchy to avoid unecessary tangles.

5. Two weeks after applying extensions, return to Hair Craft  for a check-up. Please, do not hesitate to  call with any questions you might have before or after that time.

6. While swimming is no problem, in some cases (due to imbalances in pool chemicals) there may be some breakdown of the bonds. Therefore, we strongly recommend washing your hair as soon as
possible after swimming and always using the Anti- Tap.

7. Extensions will behave like your normal hair and, therefore, some shedding is to be expected. Human hair can shed up to 200 hairs a day. This does not change. These hairs will shed from your scalp as usual, yet now they will remain attached to the extension.
***This is NORMAL and it is NOT breakage.***
Look closely, and you’ll see the actual bulbs which have shed from your follicle. A full head of extensions covers approximately 1/3 – 1/2 of your natural hair. Expect some extensions to eventually just shed off, especially after 4 months of wear.

8. Expect you WILL have some breakage. Some. If you use clip-in extensions, some hair breaks when you take them out. Put your hair in a regular ponytail, then take it out, a couple hairs break. Extensions are essentially like 400 tiny ponytails. When they are removed, some hairs will break. But again, don’t panic. Less than 1% of your hair should be affected.

Anyone who tells you about “No Breakage” extensions is lying- or at least uninformed.

8. We charge $50-$75.00 per hour, per hairdresser, for removal. The removal time varies with the amount of hair extensions and the daily care you give your hair and knots.  Much of the breakage attributed to bonded extensions results from rough or rushed removal, especially if the hair is super knotty.
You can facilitate the removal process by starting to wash your hair with dandruff shampoo 1-2 weeks prior, and brushing out all knots as thoroughly as possible on a DAILY basis.

9. You have made an investment in beautiful, long hair. Protect your investment by following these guidelines faithfully!

Call Michelle, Lysa, or Nicole with any questions (201)843-6276